Castlepoint Submits Local Plan it Own Officers Say it Won’t Support

This week submission

However it only meets 1/4 of OAN

Professional Planning Officers of the Council have stated on record that they do not endorse the current NLP (2016) document and will not act as advocates at Examination. This was confirmed in the Committee Report to Ordinary Council on 23 March 2016 (Appendix 2) which states that Officers consider that to support this plan would be a breach of the RTPI professional Code of Conduct and that ‘ Members must not make or subscribe to any statements or reports which are contrary to their own bona fide professional opinions, nor knowingly enter into any contract or agreement which requires them to do so’ .

It scales back from a 2013 consultation plan that proposed Green Belt release.   The excuse seeming to be that 2013 NPPG allows Green Belt to be considered as a constraint and a rather badly worded training talk ill advisedly given by Keith Holland that members could in effect do what they like on the Green Belt – without considering possible consequences of the Duty to Cooperate – of course all neighboring authorities have objected with NPPG significantly tightening the DTC approach.


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