Andrea Leadsom Shows shes a Nimby that Knows Diddly Shit About Planning

From her website

Acting on behalf of local residents in the Collingtree and Wootton Brook area, I have today appeared in front of a Planning Appeal inquiry to challenge the developers Bovis Homes over their proposals for the Northampton South Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE) at Collingtree. Alongside David Mackintosh MP, the Member of Parliament for Northampton South, I brought the crucial issues of flooding, traffic, air pollution and infrastructure that residents have raised with me over many years to the attention of the Planning Inspectorate.

Despite putting across a number of direct points to the Planning Inspectorate, and referring to evidence-based analyses of local, regional and national planning policy guidance, the Inspectorate’s QC declined to ask me any questions on my deposition.

Both David and myself are deeply concerned that the opportunity to further explore local residents’ concerns was squandered and, following the meeting, a number of constituents wondered if their local MPs were not questioned because the QC was fearful of what else might be raised.

Crap this was a site in the local plan refused by Northampton contrary to the plan which they disowned as soon as it was adopted.

Not one of the MPs points had merit and the QC rightly understood, as they always do in such circumstances, that questioning was a waste of inquiry time.


2 thoughts on “Andrea Leadsom Shows shes a Nimby that Knows Diddly Shit About Planning

  1. Alternatively she might know alot about planning and just doesnt say so because she knows how to get votes. Like Brexit. She said it would be an economic disaster 3 years ago.

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