Waltham Forest to Knock Down Festival of Britain Era Masterpeice

Walthamstow Guardian

MORE council tenants could be moved out of their homes as another town centre site has been earmarked for new development.

Central Parade in the heart of Walthamstow is a block of with 27 Council rented homes and 9 leasehold flats, with a number of shops below.

The shabby old block which faces the multi-million pound development The Scene could be demolished in favour of a new development.

Next week, the council’s cabinet will be asked to agree the search for a development partner.

A report which will be delivered by Councillor Clare Coghill, portfolio holder for economic growth and high

streets will recommend a deal with a private developer.

However, the council recently agreed to hold a Creative Industries and Cultural Hub in the vacant shops in Central Parade.

This initiative receives financial support from the Greater London Authority which requires that the Hub be operational in Central Parade for a minimum of two years.

Development then may have to wait until 2018 as the ‘hub’ is set to open in Spring 2016.

Last year the Customer Service Centre in Central Parade was shut, with customers being directed to use services in the library,

Juniper House currently occupied by around 220 staff from the Families Directorate has also been earmarked for possible development.

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