Death of the Sedgefield Principle Announced in Garden Cities Prospectus

In Locally Led Garden Cities, Towns and Villages

Planning Freedoms

We are interested in working with local authorities which have a good track record of housing delivery who are prepared to commit to delivery of housing over and above their objectively assessed housing need through the creation of new garden villages. 41. In exchange for guaranteed housing delivery, we will work with you to identify and deliver planning freedoms to support housing growth including, for example, ensuring that there is greater ability to resist speculative residential planning applications, and to continue protecting the Green Belt.

Why would you declare a Garden Settlement (oddly Garden Suburbs are excluded for no given reason) if it being inevitably enloaded you fail the Sedgefield approach on 5 year supply.  It would be like Turkeys voting for xmas.  The same problem is noted in the LPEG report.  This is the beginning of the end for Sedgefield for Plans with large sites – indeed why not include urban extensions?

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