John Rhodes Proposes to Abolish Green Belts Where You Dont have a Up to Date Local Plan

LPEG  Report Page 29

iv. the Government should abandon the principle of “saved policies” i.e. the practice by which planning policies are allowed to continue to carry weight beyond the expiry period of the local plan period;

There you have it in black and white.  Green Belt boundaries and policies only persist in such circumstances where you have a saved policy.

But you may counter the Green Belt still exists it just isn’t defined – as for example with York errr which only has a Green Belt because of a ‘saved’ policy from the former RSS.

Oh if it wasn’t for the local plan ‘experts’ where would we be?


4 thoughts on “John Rhodes Proposes to Abolish Green Belts Where You Dont have a Up to Date Local Plan

  1. If it were proposed that saved policies were to be abolished would it not be the case that LPAs would simply rush to fill that void with adopted SPDs governing green belt and other matters. There is then the question of what weight should be applied to those but this is an argument that LPAs will leave to PINs and the courts to determine whilst elected councillors and town hall officials demonstrate they are continuing to protect green belt etc. Yet more planning by appeal?

  2. Yes, but if saved policy were abandoned and no up to date local plan then then adopted lawful policy which SPG routed in would therefore be NPPF which seeks to protect green belt.

  3. NPPF only protects designated green belty – no saved policy no green belt. Green belt always and ever designated in local plans – as NPPF makes clear. It is a national policy in support of a local designation – not a national designation.

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