Local Plan Experts Group (Sic) shows advance in Strategic Planning Thinking over 50 Years

Local Plans Expert Group pg 21

Government should consider the extent to which it is necessary to create the circumstances to enable the establishment of growth points to complement the capacity of local plans to meet national Options include:

• a refreshed New Towns programme;

•         increased powers for the private sector to promote large scale housing using the infrastructure planning powers of the Planning Act 2008;

•          facilitating the preparation of locally produced spatial plans based on transport corridors; and

•          incentivising bids or growth, for instance, through the devolution agenda.


In the wider South East, for instance, as the Mayor of London has explained to us, even the most concerted attempts to apply the Duty to Cooperate are unlikely to achieve agreement over the distribution of London’s unmet High level joint plans distributing needs in sectors (such as transport corridors or quadrants) of London’s shared market areas within and outside the GLA boundary would be an enormous step forward.


South East Strategy 1967

It would not be an enormous step forwards but reversing the enormous step backwards that Greg Clark and John Rhodes led us on setting back large scale housing delivery in England by (before we have a proper system in place) 7 or so years.  Be man enough to say you made a huge mistake and move forward.

The first step in being an éxpert’is having some sense of history and some modesty in learning from mistakes.


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