RIP – The Homes and Communities Agency – All Social Housing Needs to be Given Away and You are in the Way

The news on the abolition of the HCA as told by Hillary Mantel.

This week King Henry the IIX  George Osborne 

Seized the assets of the Catholic Church  Housing Associations/HCA by authoritarian  decree Henry IIX clause in the Housing Bill

The dictator minister has deemed that all institutions in the way of his plans to seize lands to give to rich  landowners  householders are to be swept away so that their ownership can be transferred to placate a political class that was rebelling against his rule.  This is the biggest seizure of private assets by the State in English History.

Foolish lacky Thomas Cromwell David Orr has now been beheaded, he hoped that he could avoid a civil war by doing the dictators bidding, but now finds the dictator has used him and abolished his power base using it to secure his position.

The once fine Monestaries  Social Housing estates now lie smashed and grabbed by the new class alliance able to consolidate the power of the dictator and those who followed him.


As this Holbein shows an alliance with a narrow overly influential group of Fundamentalists with court influence, who proposed the seizure, did not save him from Beheading.  In the end even his closest allies turned against him, and the groups he sought to represent were destroyed

With the Catholic Church HCA disestablished England lacked the ability and expertise  to construct large scale integrated communities like Monestaries Garden Cities, England became a backwater and minor power in Europe for two centuries, as its rivals constructed many new Towns  and built their national infrastructure.


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