Sorry @SimonDanczuk it rains in Chad – and their arnt 70,000 homeless in Rochdale

The Sun

Anti-flood schemes in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Senegal, Chad and Burkina Faso are all getting cash under the £110million “Braced” project — despite them regularly suffering droughts.

Labour MP Simon Danczuk, whose Rochdale constituency was engulfed in water, said: “It can’t be right that while we are lacking effective flood defences at home, we are spending taxpayers’ money on flood defences in far-flung and drought-hit parts of the world.”

Sorry Simon I like your standing up to the momentum bullies but this is rent a quote crap.

Flooding is often much harsher in desert and semi desert climates because of the flash flooding that occurs in areas with little topsoil and forest cover.  Buy yourself a text book on hydrology for next christams.

The last major flooding in Chad led to 70,000 homeless, storm Frank is nothing by comparison.

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