South Staffordshire is Wasting Everyones Time with its Local Plans Consultation

Let put things in black and white.

South Staffordshire’s position on its local plan is obviously indefensible.

It has a pre NPPF core strategy adopted in 2012 based on a (never finalised) regional strategy which was abandoned.  It has no FOAN

It is now until Feb consulting an a site allocation plan based on this now archaic document.

We know from endless examples now that inspectors will not find sound SADPs not based on an up to date FOAN.  Witness the recent Central Beds withdrawal.

South Staffordshire is desperately trying to avoid a strategic Green Belt review in the light of Greater Brum looking for South Staffs to accommodate its FOAN overspill.

It could argue that Green Belt is a constraints and somewhere else until the DTC should accommodate the need.  But it wont because to do so would require (as set down by the NPPF) an assessment of the alternative of a Green Belt review as opposed to development beyond the Green Belt.

It is nothing more than a sad, expensive and pointless delaying exercise.

It also illustrartes that simply having a core strategy should not remove you from sanction from not havinbg a local plan.  Indeed under the NPPF’s unitary definition South Staffs dopes not have one.

Top of the list for SoS intervention as they have started too late to complete and adopt by May 2017.

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