Small Sites and ‘Permission in Principle’ in the Housing and Planning Bill

Apologies i misread the bill.  New section 59A

Development orders: permission in principle

(1)A development order may either—

(a)itself grant permission in principle, in relation to land in
England that is allocated for development in a qualifying
document (whether or not in existence when the order is made)
for development of a prescribed description; or

(b)provide for the granting by a local planning authority in
England, on application to the authority in accordance with the
provisions of the order, of permission in principle for
development of a prescribed description.

The application route (part B) has no requirement for a ‘qualifying document’ such as a plan or register.  The explanatory notes say it is for small sites (less than 10 units) only, but that is not on the face of the bill it is secondary legislation.

It makes sense to have a provision for small builders and small unidentified sites.  However many commentators seem to have missed that clause (a) is for big sites and so have underestimated the scope of the Bill.


One thought on “Small Sites and ‘Permission in Principle’ in the Housing and Planning Bill

  1. Agree. There seems to be confusion and some are reading the notes accompanying the Bill as meaning PiP will only apply to sites for under 10 homes. But it does not seem realistic that the government would add the clause just for these, and that they would be listed in a Brownfield register, local plan etc.

    Until we know more about what the technical details might cover, the scope for consultation and assessment at either the stage when land is added to the lists or PiP is applied for, it is very hard to understand the potential impact of this clause. It could be significant?

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