Isle of Dogs is a Masterplanning Mess

The Isle of Dogs is experiencing the highest concentration of proposed development and most rapid urbanisation in the UK.  But does it make sense.  No.

The local neighbourhood forum has set down a 3D model.  It shows how in toto the planned developments are a visiual and planning mess.  The visual foci of Canary Wharf would be lost with a confused and messy skyline, patently excessive FAR in some areas (Wood Wharf) and lack of community facilities.

It is dealing with planning on this scale that the advantages of a zoning and subdivision system comes into its own.  This could:

  • Define the maximum population the area could take based on transport capacity
  • Distribute it around the island based on FAR or equivalent
  • Define minimum community facilities standards and sites for such facilities

There is no reason why this could not be set out in the emergent neighbourhood plan, providing it is based on a well formulated masterplan.



One thought on “Isle of Dogs is a Masterplanning Mess

  1. Thanks for posting this. I am the Secretary of the Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood Planning Forum that commissioned this 3D Model. More pictures can be found on our site at
    The London Plan recommends a maximum of 405 units per hectare in an area with excellent transport connections, the average for the last 13 major developments approved is 900 units and the area will include the 3 tallest residential buildings in the European Union.
    This is why we are developing a Neighbourhood Plan to try and make this level of density work as the just this week published Tower Hamlets Council South Quay Masterplan does not do it.
    If you are interested in helping the Neighbourhood Plan please get in touch via the website,

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