Douglas Carswell Planning Policy has made Jaywick Britains Most Deprived Place

Douglas Carswell MP on the release of the mutliple derivation stats making Kaywick Britains most deprived place

Responding to today’s report, Carswell said the Jaywick neighbourhood would continue to spiral without action from local and central government. He said: “People in Jaywick have been let down by big government and official planning restrictions that have prevented any significant new housing investment for 40 years. Until planning rules are liberalised and capital can be invested in Jaywick, the downward spiral will continue.”

Carswell added that he had lobbied government and the council to introduce minimum housing standards for people on benefits. “Thanks to government policy, we are subsidising squalor,” he said.

The planning restriction being that the whole area is at risk of coatal innundation.  There have been studies over the years looking at wholesale redevelopment and building up on higher land but none have proven economic.

Is Carswell right, of course he is you cant knock down the bungaloid shacks and rebuild.

The whole area is begging to be bought up, Basildon Shackland styles, and be turned over to a (resident owned) development corporation.  It should be used as a model for other communities needing to be relocated because of climate change, with transferable development rights to other higher rural land that would not otherwise be redeveloped.


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