Its PAG II – They are the Main Cause of Slow Local Plans – So Why let them Wreck them Further?

Oh No John Rhodes and John Howells MP are back 

Planning Minister Brandon Lewis today (15 September 2015) launched a new group of experts to help streamline the local plan-making process.

The 8-strong panel will consider how it can be simplified with the aim of slashing the amount of time it takes for local authorities to get them in place.

This will provide greater certainty to communities regarding plans for new homes and infrastructure in their area, while speeding up the planning process so developers can get on site quicker.

Members include:

  • Chair John Rhodes of planning consultants Quod
  • Adrian Penfold from developers British Land
  • Richard Harwood QC from legal firm 39 Essex Chambers
  • Councillor Toby Elliott from Swindon Borough Council
  • Keith Holland, a retired Senior Planning Inspector
  • Liz Peace, formerly of the British Property Federation
  • John Howell MP, member for Henley
  • Derek Stebbing, Local Authority Plans Manager for Chelmsford City Council

Planning Minister Brandon Lewis said:

Our planning reforms have caught the imagination of communities across the country, allowing them to bring forward developments that are a real benefit to local people.

However, while many have seized this opportunity, it’s fair to say the process of getting Local Plans in place can sometimes be lengthy and complicated.

That’s why we’ve brought together this panel of experts to help look at ways to streamline the process. Their first-class advice will help councils push on and deliver the homes and infrastructure that their communities need.

So lets get this clear

  • The NPPF with its ‘build what you like where you like’ mantra gave a huge incentive for developers and landowners to throw the book at emerging plans because you no longer get a presumption in favour on non allocated sites.
  • The NPPF system in abolishing regional plans provided no clear framework for allocating overspill need, enormously slowing down plans due to duty to cooperate challenges

Lets look at the evidence.  The rate of plan adoption has dramatically slowed down since teh NPPF is in place.  Now plans even adopted are getting outof date more quickly than new plans meeting need in full are coming forward.  In other words the NPPF had the opposite effect as to what was intended.  Rather than scaring LPAs into producing plans more quickly it has complicated the process so much – especially with teh lever arch folders of caselaw – than plan making has slowed to a halt.

All of this is unequivocal and supported by the evidence.  How else does John Rhodes and John Howells MP explain how the NPPF had the opposite effect on plan making they predicted?  If the other panel makers cant get a good answer from them at thefirst meeting they should both resign and let real experts take over.


One thought on “Its PAG II – They are the Main Cause of Slow Local Plans – So Why let them Wreck them Further?

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