Who Will Take Over from Anchorman at DCLG? (They wont be an LG Chief Planner)

With the sad news (as a lonely voice of sanity at DCLG) that Chief Planner Steve Quartermain is to move on to Pins who will take over?

It used to be the case that the chief planner at Brum or Newcastle or wherever would step into such a job.

Very very unlikely and inadvisable.  Why?  Because as the chancellor has flagged English planning is at the cusp of transformational change to a zoning and subdivision system.  What is needed is an expert at such transformational change.  So even the star planners or managers of planners in England – such as Waheed Nazir , Emma Peters, Fiona Fletcher Smith, Alice Lester or Barra Mac Ruairí, I dont think would get a look in.  If you are a chief planner whose main achievement on your cv is keeping Councillors happy rather than getting houses built don”t even bother asking for an application form.

Far more likely would be a former chief officer at somewhere like Vancouver, Seattle, Abu Dhabi, Melbourne or Singapore, or an associate in firms working in such sectors.  Someone like Brent Toderian, Larry Beasley, Jeffry Ho, Jerome Frost or Anna Reiter (my tip).  The DCLG would really need to dip into its pockets to attract someone of such international calibre though, and in doing so would signal that it valued planning and planners.


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