Greg Clark refuses a Scheme for Harm to Green Belt even though It must be Taken Out of the Green Belt

This one will run and run in the courts.

Today on redetermination following a court judgement Greg Clark refused an incinerator scheme in Grant Shapp’s constituency for harm to the Green Belt even though the local planning authority when it submits its local plan will have to take the site out of the Green Belt for it to be sound (conformity to a waste local plan) bending logic past and beyond the point where its snaps.

The case is out of date before it was even published as this line of argument is rendered totally untenable by the recent Stroud Incinerator court judgement.

That decision would have been before it landed in Greg Clark’s box – but in not checking before it was put in the post the DCLG has wasted around 100k in unnecessary court costs.


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