Osborne’s Productivity Plan without Planning

Today Chancellor Goerge Osborne will announce his productivity plan with yet another round of liberalization of planning.

Anticipated within it is Guardian

Ruth Lea, economic adviser to Arbuthnot Banking Group, said possible measures could include: “A productivity plan to improve productivity, including the creation of regional business clusters, based on the northern powerhouse scheme.

Last year the Shoreditch body Tech City had its remit extended to the whole of the UK.  Its reports suggest enormous potential of technology clusters.

As Osborne himself said of there report in Feb

“What’s so exciting about today’s Tech Nation report is that it shows how we’re seeing the growth of tech businesses right across the country. As part of our plan for a truly national recovery we will do everything we can to support this growth and back the different tech clusters that are emerging around Britain.”

But so far no action.  One thing you can be pretty sure about though is that what is really needed, Strategic planning of infrastructure, training and land use to unlock the potential of these future hubs, wont be included.

The report should have a more apt title, not the Productivity Plan, but the Productivity Puzzle.


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