Coventry Overspill Sinks Warwick local Plan

Unsound conclusion based on not meeting Coventry overspill from a 2014 HMA update – and adopt and review will not do

I have taken account of the arguments put forward by the Council and the other HMA authorities in terms of the merits of having an adopted plan in place as soon as possible and the scope to deal with issues of unmet need through a review of the Local Plan. I note examples from other examinations where Inspectors have taken this view. Of course the circumstances relating to each examination vary and there are other examples, such as Aylesbury Vale, where Inspectors have not accepted that a review mechanism is appropriate. In this case, there is clear and up to date evidence regarding OAN, produced jointly by all of the authorities concerned. There has also been the opportunity to consider the evidence on OAN and put forward a strategy to meet it in full. There is clear evidence that there are likely to be substantial unmet needs from Coventry City and a good indication at least of the scale of these unmet needs.

Whilst there are clearly benefits in having an adopted Local Plan in place as soon as possible, this cannot be at the expense of having a sound plan which effectively deals with key strategic matters.

And they double counted windfalls