Pickles Twice a Weak National Policy Tweak – Green Belt Yet Again

Update to House 25/3/2015

Green Belt: protecting against inappropriate development

The government continues to attach great importance to safeguarding the green belt. The fundamental aim of green belt policy is to prevent urban sprawl by keeping land permanently open; the essential characteristics of green belts are their openness and their permanence.

We remain concerned about harm to the green belt where there is unauthorised development of land in advance of obtaining planning permission. In such cases, there is no opportunity to appropriately limit or mitigate the harm that has already taken place.

For these reasons, we will be seeking to introduce a new evidenced-based planning and recovery policy for the green belt to introduce early in the next Parliament to strengthen protection against unauthorised development.

In other words one that is not racially discriminatory to ‘Pykies’ – even though yesterday Sheridan Westlake his SPAD issued a statement to the Telgraph with the incredibly racist Jim Crow like assumption that Gypsies should all go to horse fairs to qualify as TRavellers (even if they are New Age Travellers or Tinkers?)  – imagine if he had said that you have to eat soil food and listen to Marvin Gaye in order to qualify as being black.

He also said

We are also revoking today the following guidance from the last administration which is now redundant following previous changes to planning policy and planning legislation: DCLG, Local authorities and Gypsies and Travellers: a guide to responsibilities and powers, May 2007 and DCLG, Preparing Regional Spatial Strategy reviews on Gypsies and Travellers by regional planning bodies, May 2007.

Which is odd because he had previously revoked it. He needed something to say because the Lib Dems had blocked what he wanted to say.



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