Pickles Three Times a Week Change to #NPPF – Parking

Statement to House 25/3/2015

As prefigured in correspondence with Boris – has anyone got an indexd PDF version of the NPPF with all of the endless amendments?

Parking: helping local shops and preventing congestion

This government is keen to ensure that there is adequate parking provision both in new residential developments and around our town centres and high streets.

The imposition of maximum parking standards under the last administration lead to blocked and congested streets and pavement parking. Arbitrarily restricting new off-street parking spaces does not reduce car use, it just leads to parking misery. It is for this reason that the government abolished national maximum parking standards in 2011. The market is best placed to decide if additional parking spaces should be provided

However, many councils have embedded the last administration’s revoked policies. Following a consultation, we are now amending national planning policy to further support the provision of car parking spaces. Parking standards are covered in paragraph 39 of the National Planning Policy Framework. The following text now needs to be read alongside that paragraph: “Local planning authorities should only impose local parking standards for residential and non-residential development where there is clear and compelling justification that it is necessary to manage their local road network.”

Building on the success of our previous guidance to help householders rent out under-used car parking spaces, we have also updated planning guidance to local authorities to clarify that non-residential car parking space can be rented out. This will support the shared economy and increase the provision of competitively priced car parking spaces.

Supporting pirate parking as it is known in the trade – very odd.

Much less bad than we might have expected – at least it is evidence based rather than dogmatic.  As course many consultation respondents replied with the compelling Shoupista argument that free parking is economic and urban planning madness.   Would be nice to see Don Shoup and big Eric in a Newsnight Debate.

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