Worcester Proposes Two Urban Extensions and Has no ‘5 Year Supply’ shows #NPPF definition is barmy

Worcester News

Worcester City Council had an official land supply of more than eight years in March last year, but that is no longer the case.

The official housing ‘need’ for Worcester, as deemed by an independent Government inspector is 9,830 properties by 2020, but the city is 630 short taking into account current building, future expected permissions and the other bits of land forecast to be developed.

One big reason for the change is because in the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP), the blueprint earmarking land for homes in Worcester, Malvern and Wychavon by 2030, inspector Roger Clews upped the requirement from 23,200 to 28,370 last year.

The city council, which has taken legal advice, has also now been told two controversial ‘urban extensions’, one south of the city between Kempsey and St Peter’s and another next to Dines Green west of Worcester, are not allowed to form part of the latest five-year land supply calculations – despite both sites expecting to contribute more than 1,100 properties by 2020.

Woyuld be nice to see the report and legal advice, educated guess the ludicrous footnote 11 definition which means sites that deliver within 5 years dont form part of teh 5 years supply unless they are available ‘now’, which means that if you have to do anything however small to make the site available it isn’t considered ‘deliverable’ even it it is, for example,  knocking a wall down to form an access.  Barmy.


One thought on “Worcester Proposes Two Urban Extensions and Has no ‘5 Year Supply’ shows #NPPF definition is barmy

  1. The flip side of this however is that Wychavon DC, as part of the SWDP area are operating an unofficial moratorium on all housebuilding outside development boundaries, effectively turning off the supply tap, just when the economy is starting to recover.

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