Ken Shuttleworth’s ‘Panel of Experts’ Didnt See Draft of Garden City Bashing Report

Yesterday we wondered why some notables and organisations – Shelter, CBT, RTPI, National Trust were lending their names to such an inaccurate report with totally different recommendations and policy from those organisations.  Now it becomes clear, they hadn’t.  Ken had used them without authorisation.

Toby Lloyd of Shelter in comments

Andrew – I didn’t see this report before publication, and am a little troubled to see that it is implying that I am one of its authors….. I went to a discussion in October on the topic, and approved the three quotes of mine in the report, but that’s it.

It’s not clear from the published report who the author actually is, and I will be asking FSF to explain this – but I can assure you it wasn’t me!

As we suspected this is a Ken Shuttleworth report with the frontispeice designed to give a false impression that the ‘Foundation’ is something that has any existence outside Make’s HQ.  Rather disreputable tactics.  I suspect today we will see the report unravel as those invited to the seminar

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