Could Planning Minister be Forced to Resign After Paying Political Consultant 37k from Expenses?


MPs will today demand a watchdog investigation into a Conservative minister’s use of expenses, which has raised “serious questions”.

Brandon Lewis, the housing and planning minister, has paid Papagenos, a campaigns consultancy, £37,000 since 2010. He listed the duties carried out by the firm as “research briefing and other parliamentary associated assistance”.

Labour is calling on the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) to investigate whether the Tory parliamentarian paid out taxpayer funds to Papagenos in order to carry out political

Who are this mysterious group, they appear only to have a blank facebook page.  The only trail I can find is Andrew Baxter a former area campaign director for the conservative party.

As he says

Andrew Baxter, an expert in helping individuals and organisations develop and implement winning campaigns. Whether it is a grassroots campaign at local level, a membership drive for a charity or a public relations campaign for a large company, I have the professional experience to provide a bespoke service that delivers results.

I provide a range of communication services, always tailored to the individual project. From copywriting for blogs, direct mail or newsletters to complex communications strategies, I offer a range of solutions to make your campaign succeed.

I suspect they were paid to endlessly tweet about the Sea Scouts and other Great Yarmouth events as no-one could do their day job with his attention to local trivia.  Many tweets appear when Brandon is ion meetings on on the media and dont appear to be timed.  Rule number 1 dont get caught.

This is of course a prohibited use of public funds.  Inbterms of rank hypocracy lets look at Brandons website

In 2009, the media exposed the excessive, unacceptable and possibly illegal claims made by some of the people we send to represent us in the House of Commons.

Like everyone else, I was angry and disgusted at the behaviour of some Members of Parliament at Westminster. It has taken a new generation of MP’s to end the cosy arrangements that allowed individuals to apparently profit from the taxpayer.

At the General Election in 2010, I made a “Clean Expenses Pledge”:

1. I will be completely open about all of my expenses and allowances. They will be regularly published for residents to inspect.
2. I will only claim expenses for costs I have incurred in doing my job as an MP (e.g. travel costs and office allowances). I will never claim for food, furniture or household goods.
3. I will not undertake work for lobbying companies.
4. I will never employ members of my family.

I welcomed the new rules that came into force for all elected MPs after the 2010 general election and I undertake to live by them. Expense details for all MPs from 2010 onwards are published in the by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority. You can find details of my expense claims here.

This isnt the first time he has has been questioned on expenses.

MPs at the centre of a media storm for renting out their London homes while claiming public money to rent another property have defended their actions, saying they have little choice because of the new and inflexible expenses regime.

It follows an outcry after it emerged that 27 MPs had rented out their homes in London…

The communities minister Brandon Lewis claims expenses to rent a property in his Great Yarmouth constituency, while letting out the house he owns there.

The Tory MP, who was elected in May 2010, said he had decided to let his property instead of selling because it was in negative equity.

“It costs the taxpayer around £8,000 a year less because I claim rent for my constituency rather than in London,” he added.

The Commons speaker John Bercow has attempted to block the publication of further details of MPs’ landlords, which would reveal which other MPs are involved.


5 thoughts on “Could Planning Minister be Forced to Resign After Paying Political Consultant 37k from Expenses?

  1. Morality of Social Inclusion

    Developers’ obligation to provide affordable housing in prestigious developments/ poor doors and government telling us who we must mix/live with

    There are links on the radio 4 page.

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