Another Counterproductive Conservative Election Poster

Ed Millband is the most unpopular leader amongst potential labour voters since Micheal Foot. 

Alex Slamond is the most popular Social Democratic politician in Western European history.  After any ‘dead head’ election result where Labour dissapoints and Salmond and Sturgeon triumph it is clear who would have the greatest moral claim, and most experience, to be PM.  Whether they would want that is another matter, more likely they would do a Clegg and refuse to negotiate without a new leader.  Given that the greatest hindrance to voting labour is Milliband this poster is saying dont worry he will be in the pocket of a statesman and anti- austerity populist.  Vote Labour Get Salmond – end to austerity end to Trident.

Im Sure Alex Slamond will be handing out leaflets with this poster one in the streets of North Glasgow.  Another examples of Grant Shapps genius for bad campaigning ideas.


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