The Housing Tardis – Both Main Parties Blame Each Other For Identical Records of Failure

Look at the following Quote

‘When we came into Office Housebuilding had fallen to its lowest level since the 1920s’

What he admots to mention is that under his government housebuilding fell to an even worse level

Dont take my word for it take that of the Tory Favorite Think Tank Policy Exchange who warned in 2012

” getting rid of regional spatial strategies (RSSs) had contributed to a situation whereby ‘the coalition could end up presiding over the lowest level of house building since the 1920s’.”

And this is exactly what happened.

The 109,370 homes built last year under the ConDems was the lowest since the 1920s.

Daily Mirror 13 April 2014

So we have the ridiculous position where both of the main parties correctly blames the other for achieving the lowest level of housebuilding since teh 1920s.

Its as if each inhabits a Tardis and wants to take the voter back to the point in time where the statistics look best for them, neglecting that whatever start and end point you use since 2007 you get identical records of failure.




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