What are the Options for Where the UK Parliament could Decant to?

Now this is near certain lets look at some options

1. Moves Debates to QE Conference Centre and Methodist Central Hall

The least disruptive.  The commons holds debates at QEC, the Lords at MCH, MPs offices move to say the Home Office, the Home Office decants to Vauxhall Cross or Croydon.   The conference centre is now privatized so would require them making an offer they couldn’t refuse.

2.  Brum Central Library

If you are going to move to the second city the obvious solution.  A magnificent ziggurat, sadly described by the head of planning as a ‘concrete monstrosity’ fairly easily convertible, a very flexible space built to incredibly high standards.  Sadly demolition work began end of Jan but I dont think they have got very far.  The prospect of parliament might be the one thing to stop Brums pig headedness and greed on the issue.

 3. Hull

Not a city short of derelict buildings and with real problems of lack of demand.  Would make a dramatic gesture. Sadly would take many years to build and convert a complex that might be in use for less than a decade and no clear afteruse.   If Parliament did move here you would bet we would see a Northern Powerhouse HS 3 approved in months as MPs struggled to get back to their constituencies.  Move the DCLG & DOT there instead.

 4.  London Road Fire HQ Manchester

About to be CPOd by Manchester after lying derelict for years

Problem again is the conversion time

More practical might be a temporary decanting of Manchester Council out of its Town hall.  It could hold its debates in many places.  Both too small though.

5.  Ally Pally

Has a vacant Theater which could comfortably fit the HOC raked seating within it

6.  The Coronet Elephant and Castle

Originally a 3,100 seat theater and Cinema

7. Hyde Theatre Royal

Needs a new roof but its design would make a truly magnificent parliament.  If you wish to move to Greater Manchester why not

8,  Dudley Hippodrome

Another wildcard from the West Midlands this time.  Better than it being demolished for lack of a re-use.  Capacity 1,750 seats originally. Probably a bit small.

9.  Brighton Hippodrome

Cpacity 1,400, interior a bit garish and offputting for serious debate

10.  Harrogate International Conference Centre

Harrogate could become the new Bonn.  A very practical option as Harrogate’s hotel spaces is matched to its conference capacity.  A frugal Yorkshire turnkey solution so I think oddly enough the favorite. A Yorkshire parliament debating the Yorkshire pound.  We are never going to host the Eurvision song contest again so why not?

Perhaps we should have a Restoration style TV show to advise parliament with Public voting for their favorite. Will any bookmakers open a book on this?



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