Is there Anyone that Believes this Generation Rent Denying Election Poster

Daily Mail Home ownership slips to lowest level recorded in 25 years as England moves closer to becoming a nation of renters

As this government has achieved the lowest housebuilding levels since the 1920s Not Building a Britain would be an accurate byline

Admittedly there has been a very small increase in housing affordability of mortgage holders because of the historically low interest rates, but these are likely to go up this year.  The statistics on % of income on mortgages by Nationwide and so on are misleading as with historically low housebuilding buying a home is now the preserve of the rich not the hard working class.  As the data on renters indicates home ownership is getting more and more out of reach.  What matters is the ability to save for a down payment (after rental payments) AND mortage affordability – I dont think this has been calculated as a metric.



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