Brandon Lewis to Mumsnet – The Green Belt is ‘Wonderful’

You couldnt make it up.


We all agree we need to build more homes in this country, I believe we can do that and protect our wonderful green belt which our policies have made clear. I will continue to work to ensure we develop the market for both supply and demand to ensure we do build the homes we need, in the right places with good quality of build and design. Our starter home scheme is a direct way we will help with affordability by making 200,000 more homes available to first time buyers at a 20% discount. This builds on our new affordable house building programme, which is building at the fastest rate in some 20 plus years. Added to the 240,000 house planning applications approved last year and now having building back to 2007 levels, I think we are on the right path. There is more to do and we will continue to work to ensure we have a strong economy which is needed to ensure we can build the homes we need.

Ill post separately on the 2007 claim.  Only a tinty sopping way out.


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