Villages in Constant Chilli Night Fundraising Mode to fight the #NPPF – and they have won

From a correspondent – anonymised

to date the village has spent going on for over £300,000 pounds, included in that figure is over £100,000 of solicitors time given free, £134,500 from an unsecured loan, and the best part of 100,000 from donations from the village residents. When the Judicial Review goes ahead that will add to the total amount with barristers at around £800 per hour and when adding all the hangers on,  we could be looking at £1000 per hour plus.

This is quite typical, and I don’t get involved in site specific issues no time.

Throwing good money after bad in relation  to planning consultants on appeals and lawyers.  They employ their invoices with teh persistence of cowboy builders.  Chances of success with JR are slim.

A policy is doomed to failure once it reigns the bring and buy sale, chili night and tombola might of 1,000s of English villages.

So my advice to such groups is spend your money more wisely do a neighbourhood plan, as we now know that means you get applications called in and Pickles refuses them whatever the merits of the case  – simple.  On that front you have won.

My advice to government is that you will never win against an armada of Peruvian submarines and their is nothing more mighty than an Armada of villages armed with their Chilli Night funds.   It is they rather than the National Trust or the CPRE (ironically) who have won this war.  So rather than the scatter gun tactics of John Rhodes and John Howell MP (rewarded in typical British style for failure with an OBE, boot extended in the latter case) take on just a very few villages, where Garden Cities, a few very big bites out of the Green Belt etc. will be, and make sure everywhere else is armed with an incentive to employ metaphorical minesweepers to sink them.




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