Labours Unworkable Response to the Unworkable Tory Starter Homes Policy

Nothing to do with the PM’s speech then.

This is the policy announced last October

Councils would be able to reserve 50 per cent of the new homes in “housing growth areas” for local first-time buyers, who would enjoy “priority access” for two months. Local authorities would also be able to stop new homes being sold for buy-to-let or to be left empty.

Labour officials insist that migrants who had lived in the area for two years would have equal access rights. They admit that many residents oppose housebuilding in their area because they do not believe new homes would go to “local people” or first-time buyers.

So far so good, local qualifications is a policy that works well in some rural; areas like National parks and in at least one made local plan.

But rather than an in perpetuity restriction lets consider how easy it would be to circumvent.

Lets say you have built a housing estate in St Albans an area popular with wealthy London commuters. You build the estate and put the houses on sale for 5 million a pop and get no takers, and then after two months drop the price to 2 million a house and sell them, mostly to outsider second and third home owners.

How could this be prevented?  We know how local qualifications lists and covenants in perpetuity can work and be enforced.  Thsi is unenforcable.  Another example of Bennett hypocrisy in housing, The key failaure of both Tory and Labout initiatives to a failure of lack of tough in perpetuity restrictions designed to force down the cost of land.


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