Bundle Rage at Local Authority Legal Depts.

From Legal Blogger Pink Tape

The President may think that the High Court bench have invented bundle rage, but I can say for sure that they have not. We live our lives in a continual state of low level bundle rage. Rage at the absence of the bundle, the index, the right documents or the right pages. Rage at the overloaded file, the broken file, the scag your suit and cut your finger file and (more common these days) rage at the failure to put the bundle in any file at all. Rage at the arrival of the bundle in thirty separate pdfs spread across 21 different emails in no particular order at 6pm the day before a hearing. Rage at the LA not having included half the documents in the index. Rage at the LA having included multiple witness statements all saying the same thing, at having included a chronology that isn’t chronological, an analysis containing no analysis…

The reality is that nobody has any power to control what goes into the bundle because the LA control the index. There is no opportunity to liaise about indexes because the index arrives late if at all and is inevitably wrong because it has been completed by some administrative assistant who wouldn’t know PD27A if you slapped them in the face with it.



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