Boles admits he was Banned from Inflaming Housebuilding Issue


Scepticism about the sincerity of coalition parties to commit seriously to a housebuilding programme has been expressed by the outgoing Liberal Democrat MP Jeremy Browne. Speaking at the Policy Exchange thinktank last week, he said: “Both governing parties travelled on the train from Waterloo down to the Eastleigh byelection in 2012 and argued to the local electorate that they would be the ones that were most effective at stopping any new housebuilding taking place in Eastleigh, and then got on the train and came back to Waterloo and made speeches here in Westminster about why we need more housebuilding.

I said to Nick Boles, who at the time was the planning minister, ‘Have you been down to Eastleigh yet?’ and he said, ‘I’m told I’m not allowed to go down in case it inflames the whole housebuilding issue’.

”The public, whether it’s the NHS or housebuilding, detect that gap, and you will see it now at constituency level with quite debased leaflet-based campaigning about what the parties are going to stop at local level, which is almost completely at odds with the macro-level speeches that the leaders are making up in Westminster”.


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