Isreal Planning More Dysfunctional Than England – 4 out of 71 Authorities have Up to Date Plans

From the Comptroller Generals Report three weeks before an election (Likud tried to delay it till after) Jerusalem Post

It slams the Interior Ministry for mismanagement of available land for building homes, including for lacking data on the land, such that no effort was made to prepare land for development.

The report criticized the Israel Lands Authority for not developing any broad multi-year strategic plan, for setting unrealistic shorter-term targets for developing land, and for failing to tailor its local planning efforts to local housing needs.

The report noted that only four out of 71 local municipal authorities have updated development plans.

There was heavy criticism for the red tape of local planning authorities, which held up approvals for housing units for unreasonable amounts of time, leaving 50,000 units in the pipeline that could have moved forward.

Some approvals were drawn out for between 5.5 and 7 years, with it sometimes taking 12 years from the time a development proposal was filed until people could move in.

Many of the plans in Israel date from the British Palestinian mandate, almost as bad as Libya where the plans date back to Mussolini.  There is no real planning consultancy market in Israel and the real regional expertise lies in neighboring Arab countries in forms like my own which of course wont work in Israel. Most of the land allocations that do occur are purely political decisions made on sectarian grounds.


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