Gladman Fail to Overturn Stafford Local Plan


Gladman Developments Ltd v Stafford Borough Council [2015] EWHC 444 (Admin) (27 February 2015)

Gladman are to lawyers what Jimmy White is to bookmakers, a pension.

This case concerned the assessment of OAN

The Claimant contends:

(1) That the Defendant, and the Inspector who conducted the Examination in Public …failed to have regard to the requirements of national guidance in relation to the objective assessment of full housing needs in the Borough (and in the housing market area).

(2) That the Defendant and the Inspector failed to consider the requirement in national guidance that any assessment of the market demand for housing should be informed by market signals/market indicators, and thus failed lawfully to define the market demand element of objectively assessed needs.

The first challenge was that the inspector failed to require the now well known ‘two step’ assessment set by the Gallagher case.

The court he’d he applied this without having expressly referred to it.

The much more interesting challenge was on the second point.  The inspector however invited comments on this issue.  Galdman argued more weight should have been given to this point, but that was amatter fro the inspector.  I’m surprised this long shot went to court.

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