Syrizia Proposes Town Planning Reforms to Eurozone to Improve Economic Growth

From the letter just published

Better land use management, including policies related to spatial planning, land use, and the finalisation of a proper Land Registry

As the EUROSTAT review stated in 2013

According to the EU Compendium of Spatial Planning Systems and Policies (1997•Greece takes part of the so-called ಯurbanismರ planning tradition, which ಯhas a strong architectural flavor and concern with urban design, townscape and building control”. This tradition elucidates the main features of the Greek planning system: multiplicity of laws, predominance of a command-and control type regulation, lack of efficient monitoring and control mechanisms and slow responses to changing circumstances.

Plans at the regulatory level are numerous, substantive and detailed. However, an important gap exists between established plans and the reality. Unauthorized development, known in Greece as illegal construction, is one of the major pathologies of the Greek spatial planning system. Until recently, Greek planning legislation has been dominated by issues of physical planning. Its main concerns were the interface between private and public land ownership and the development rights of landowners. However, at the late 1990s, a shift was made towards strategic spatial planning through the establishment of a new law for national and regional spatial planning (L. 2742/1999)

Interestingly Greece is moving away from planning based on numerous (often tiny) localities because of cronyism and corruption towards fewer municipality wide and regional plans.


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