OS Launches Openmap – An Open Street Map Rival

Os press release – available end March

Open Map page

OS OpenMap – a brand new ‘street level’ dataset designed to be the most detailed open data mapping product available for Great Britain.

Targeted at both public sector and commercial users, the mapping provides an enhanced level of building detail. It includes specific identification of functional sites such as hospitals and schools, extended naming of roads and an extensive set of cartographic names – all in a customisable and easy to style format.

An ideal backdrop map for integrating, visualising and analysing other open datasets, this new product is designed to underpin a new generation of desktop, web and mobile applications.

OS OpenMap Water – a generalised network product covering Great Britain’s rivers which will provide a nation

We are particularly attentive to the need for river network data to support a range of environmental interest associated with flood management and pollution control. This product is designed for both public sector and commercial users. It will enable you to carry out some basic network analytics, and will support the planning process.

OS OpenMap Gazetteer – a new and improved Gazetteer for use by people who need the most up to date place names, road names, road numbers and postcodes. Ideal for use in location searches for both mobile and online uses, it significantly enhances existing gazetteers made available by Ordnance Survey.

We don’t yet know the scale – I would guess it is vectormap 1:1250 data digitially simplified and aggregated to around 1:5,000 scale, we will see.  Clearly designed as a rival to OSM.

The big news is the gazetteer, together with the opening up of postcode centroids this is big news and will lead to an explosion of more accurate location data, as well as potentially driving Nokia out of the UK market.


One thought on “OS Launches Openmap – An Open Street Map Rival

  1. Andrew, I think some of your information is slightly out of date. Ordnance Survey announced earlier this week that the OS OpenData Licence would be replaced by the Open Government Licence; so the issue that prevented use of OS OpenData products in OSM has effectively been resolved. (Also, postcode centroids have been open data for nearly five years.)

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