No Eric, Boris and Gideon- Todays Announcement Doesn’t Reduce Londons Overspill Green Belt pressure by a Single unit

Eric Pickles on today’s London Brownfield announcements

Today’s measures for London help regenerate brownfield land in London, providing more homes, whilst continuing to protect the Green Belt around our Capital.

The Treasury

‘[plans] so that London can meet its target of at least 400,000 new homes, primarily through brownfield land’

Boris and Gideon – in the Standard

There is still plenty of brownfield land for homes.

Plenty is not the same as enough or more than you need.  The FALP states 428,000 homes, 6,000 / annum short of OAN which the inspector said would have to be provided through overspill as the FALP already anticipated the rapid development of the identified brownfield sites by 2025 including by housing zones which are included in the FALP.

So what this would do is not to ‘continue to protect the Green Belt’ but not result in more of it – or areas outside the Green Belt – by more than the FALP implies.

In total all this will pave the way for some 400,000 new homes.

So it would seem Boris and Gideon if taken at their word are reducing the target and planning an extra 2,800 unit overspill to the Green Belt and outside London a year. It would seem boys you are short of your 5 year supply and the presumption in favour of development applies.




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