Eric Tweets on Green Belt ‘Strategic Growth’ issue (partially in own Constituency)

Tweet – his spelling is bad as mine when in a hurry.

Brentwood Council letter on extending West Hordon submission deadline. Curious as Dunton is considered in parallel

Link to his website (note the Dunton application is the same area as the West Horndon review area)

Further to my recent call for Brentwood Borough Council to extend its deadline for submissions to its Starategic Growrth (sic) Options consultation, due to end today, to the 16th of March to match the deadline for the Dunton Garden Suburb consulation, I have received the following response from the Acting Chief Executive of Brentwood Borough Council, Ms Jo-Anne Ireland:

“Thank you for your letter dated 13 February 2015 regarding the meeting with your above named constituent.

“In response to your request, please be advised that we have given consideration to the various calls to extend the Strategic Growth Options consultation. I am afraid that due to our tight timetable, put in place in order to ensure a new Local Plan can be adopted as soon as feasible, we will not be extending the consultation beyond 17 February 2015. However, I can confirm that any new evidence affecting West Horndon raised through the Dunton Garden Suburb consultation will be able to be submitted after this deadline. We will ensure that such information informs the Local Plan as it is being prepared through 2015.

“Please be advised that the current Growth Options consultation will inform the Brentwood Draft Local Plan, expected to be available for public consultation later this year before we submit the Plan for examination. This will allow further opportunity for comment from all Borough residents, Parish Councils and other stakeholders.

“Should you have any further queries regarding the emerging Brentwood Local Plan please do not hesitate to contact me.!



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