Why does a Local Plan take 4 Years in Mumbai and 20 Years in Hart?

Yesterday Mumbai published a new development plan in just under 4 years from the signing of the contract (the last plan was 1981), of which it took 1 year for the client to agree the final version. No plan for any city anywhere should take longer without political obstruction.  There are far worse examples than Hart I could have chosen (adopted 1996 drafted much earlier).

Lets compare the two.


Hart: 213 sq km

Mumbai: 603 sq km


Hart:   86,000 or so residents

Mumbai: 11.98 million

Household Projections

Hart: up to 8,600 2011-2032

Mumbai: Forecast to rise by 2.4 million 2008 to 2020


Hart: Few -second richest area in England

Mumbai:  Many, has 3 million additional slum dweller since 2001


Ah this must be the reason

Hart:  Special Protection Area – Thames Heaths – 2,099ha.  There are no sites in the District designated for their landscape importance, e.g. Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  No Green Belt.


Mumbai:  The Mumbai High Court has forced protection of 13,282 hectares of suburban Mumbai under the Ramsar convention.  Mumbai is surrounded by sea on a pennisnula severely constraining development.

Hampshire Residents Protest

Mumbai Residents Protest




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