England’s Ugliest Para 55 (Gummer Clause) Houses

The most abused clause in national planning policy.  Just an excuse for poor desiogn and vulgarity.

Integer House, a solar farm after a landslide.

Broadstone Halt, done a thousend times before and better, what is innovative about it?  Passivhaus? that is and should be very common.

Greyhouse Farm, a set left over from Carry on Cowboy

The Craves, the new terminal to Northamptonshire Airport

The Dumble – A septic tank with windows.

Downley House, a transplanted 1970s campus in Hampshire Hills.  You could never guess this was designed by former members of James Stirlings Practice could you.

Swinhay house, replaces the concept of a facade with that of flinging features in 360 degree directions

Solar House.  Isnt classicism supposed to be about proportions?

One thought on “England’s Ugliest Para 55 (Gummer Clause) Houses

  1. Oh come on Andrew

    Para 55 designs can be driven by over-cautious or over-creative Planning Officers.

    There are only so many ways you can build a house which:
    a: Is ‘exceptional’
    b: is TOTALLY unique
    c: is not allowed to use any components available in a catalogue
    d: is not allowed to use any components which can be ordered over the Web

    Planning Officers are not necessarily top-notch architects or designers BUT the applicants MUST agree to their demands.

    Anyway, not all of the designs you hate are actually that bad.


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