Herefordshire Epic DTC and Evidence Fail

ROTFL  The Inspectors findings

I also asked for the minutes of the WMRTAB for the past three years. Whilst the former Regional Technical Advisory Body appears to have been disbanded with the demise of regional government, the 8th revision of the Local Development Scheme (LDS) (PS5 Paragraph 1.6), published in January 2015, refers to its reconstitution as the “West Midlands Resource Technical Advisory Body” (WMRTAB) which provides “larger than local” advice and monitoring for waste policies. …It would appear from the WMRTAB’s minutes that HC has not attended its meetings

It gets worse no waste and minerals forecasts – to be done at allocation dpd stage.

And it gets worse

The evidence base for M&W is pre-NPPF/NPPW and is contained in a report dated May 2009

Could it possibly get any worse

In examining the CS, I would expect to see a clear vision, objectives and spatial strategy for M&W from which the Plan’s M&W policies could flow. However, in section 3.0, which sets out the Plan’s vision, objectives and spatial strategy, there seems to be a lack of direction as to what the Plan seeks to achieve for M&W.

Should it really take over a year and great costs since submission to get to this point.  Where is the PINS filtering.  To use the phrase of the moment should there not be a ‘crap planning pathway’ where the documents are sent back wuith a big red stamp marked ‘back to teh drawing board’.


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