Hertsmere Conservative Cllr – Green Belt Loss is Inevitable

Borehamwood and Elstree Times

A senior councillor admitted houses could be belt on green belt land.

A residents’ forum gathered in Allum Hall in Elstree last night to hear Councillor Harvey Cohen, who is responsible for planning, respond to questions about the controversial Elstree Way Corridor.

The authority has been ordered to build 3,896 homes in the next 15 years– and 1,000 of these will be in the Elstree Way Corridor – an already built-up area earmarked for further development along the major road.

During a presentation by chairman Andrew Lewis, Cllr Cohen said that the core strategy was started 15 years ago, when residents of Hertsmere voted to keep the greenbelt land.

But Cllr Cohen said: “We cannot build anymore on brownfield sites so we will have to release green belt in Hertsmere.

“Residents in the whole of Hertsmere will have to decide on releasing more green belt land in Hertsmere for house building.

“I don’t think it is right to build any more in Borehamwood. In my personal opinion we have reached the end with this plan.

“Hertfordshire County Council experts say the traffic flow along Elstree Way will be maintained, and the changes they make will be paid for by the developers.”

Although a consultation on the matter ended today, objections will be considered until mid-March.


One thought on “Hertsmere Conservative Cllr – Green Belt Loss is Inevitable

  1. Surely the councillor makes an inaccurate and misleading statement?

    The Council may have been ‘forced’ to build 3900 houses but the Regional Targets have been abolished so is irrelevant surely.

    Further to that, then there was no need to meet your RSS target if Green Belt prevented it – now there’s no need you reach your OAN if GB prevents it.

    I would have thought that kind of misleading statement could be legally challenged.

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