Am I missing Something on the Welsh Streets?

Am reading the Pickles decision on the Welsh Streets and would be greatful if someone from SAVE could help me.

Its about the status as an ‘undesignated heritage asset’.  The NNPF and EH guidance says these need to be designated by the LPA such as through a local plan. As far as I am aware the streets are not so designated.  Perhaps someone from SAVE can comment and clarify this point here.    So why did the inspector and Pickles not ask as question number 1 – is this an undesignated heritage asset?

Secondly Pickles refers to George Ferguson Good Practice Principles on housing renovation as National Policy – err since when was this part of the NPPF?  Where are these tests published?

I don’t mean to imply that undesignated assets not in a local plan should not be worthy of protection, and perhaps the NPPF should be amended to state this can be the case in exceptional circumstances.  One thinks for example of the Brum Central Library and Preston Bus Station (before it was listed).

However the decision smacks yet again of Pickles making things up as he goes along. Should now any demolition decision be blocked because a presenter on Channel 4 thinks they should stay irrespective of issues of viability and relative merit?


One thought on “Am I missing Something on the Welsh Streets?

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