Site for 1,000 Homes Sold for 1 pound Made General Election Issue by Pub Landlord

Manston Airport in Thanet was sold for 1 quid in 2013 to Ann Gloag, who co-founded the Stagecoach Group, for £1.  Last October but it closed and she put in plans for a mix of uses including 1,000 homes to the Thanet Local Plan.

The plan was backed by KCC as the same group was responsible for Disocvery Park in Sandwich and had a track record.

River Oak Group a us firm had four times tried to buy it as an an ongoing commercil freight airport, and Thanet swiftly agreed to a CPO having just won the ongoing Dreamlands case.

There is even a local ‘Save Manston’ party.

Now newly decared cnadidate Al Murray has got in on the act in his first interview with the local rag

What does the Guv think about Manston, airport or houses?

“I am a great believer in history and heritage and in preserving that heritage, which is why  I believe that Manston must be saved and more than that become the new HQ of the RAF, and the four squadrons of Spitfires I propose to have patrolling the Channel during daylight hours.”

Perhaps Mr Farage should be asked on the stump which Greenfield site for 1,000 homes he favours over this brownfield site?




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