USAF Airbase Closures Should Lead to Huge Garden City Boost to East Anglia

Great news that Mildenhall, Alconbury and Molesworth are to close   This can and should lead to a huge housing boost for Cambridgeshire which can relieve overcrowded Herts and inaccessible Suffolk.

RAF Mildenhall is less than accessible and the closure will lead to a big need for jobs.  The solution is to relocate Marshalls from Cambridge Airport and redevelop it for the staled Cambridge East urban Extension of 13,000 houses.  They have long eyed Lakenheath but with military facilities being concentrated there there was no spare land.  The stupid solution would be to redevelop Mildenhall for housing at a lower density where it is much less needed.

Alconbury has been scaling back for years and has a planned Enterprise Zone which could now be expanded to a full Garden City.

Moleworth has so far had smaller scale disposals and is a bit more awkwardly located, accessible to the A14 but little else.  More speculatively it could be linked east and west through part of the former track bed of the old Kettering, Thrapston and Huntingdon Railway (and a new route over part as Molesworth is to the North of this) to form  a new rail link all the way from Northampton to Cambridge (or inbeed the East Coast Ports at Felixstowe via the old Newmarket, Ely line), and from Northampton via the planned but never built section of the Great Central Line to Brackley then over the Great Central abandoned route to Old Oak Common via the Acton Northolt line linking to HS2.  This would be cheaper maybe than the eastern part of the Varsity line and unlike the Varsity Line (which passes through Beds) would act as a real public transport alternative to the A45 and a genuine missing link east-west rail route we are so badly lacking.

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