Government Review Finds 3 Billion spent on New Homes Bonus for ‘Limited Impact’ Yet Brandon Lewis Lies and Says its Working

Today Brandon Lewis announced the latest tranche of New Homes Bonus saying ‘incentives like the New Homes Bonus are working well.’ even though his own departments review published today says it has limited impact.  He doesn’t even provide a link to teh report in his press release – showintg he is trying to cover up the news.  Ill provide a link here.  Government press releases are issued by civil servants not political spin doctors – time for a letter of complaint.

Some findings

The Bonus was seen to be a contributory factor towards reinforcing attitudinal shifts towards new homes, but was not found to be directly shaping attitudes so far. (pg3)

The Bonus was so far found to be having only a modest direct impact on Local Planmaking. Although recognising the Bonus was just one of a number of factors influencing the number of new homes in Local Plans, only 11% of officers agreed ithad been an “important influence on the number of new homes proposed or adopted” in their Local Plan, and few felt it was a “significant factor” in the
consultation and discussion of Local Plans so far (pg 4)

Similarly the Bonus was seen to be having only a limited role and impact on planningapplications and decisions. Just over a third of planners stated they took into account Bonus receipts when considering planning applications, with over half saying they never took such receipts into account. There were also only a very small number of authorities using Bonus receipts to spend on activities that might be
directly related to developments, and as such there was limited potential for theBonus to be seen as a “material consideration” when making a decision. (pg 5)

Although there was evidence the policy was beginning to impact positively on attitudes, the impact has been more limited in relation to plan making or planning decisions so far (pg5)

Im sure the ‘so far’ bits were added by SPADS or Bungalow Bob to massage the conclusions of a devastating report – 3 billion down the drain when it could have financed half a dozen Garden Cities.   There is no evidence in the  report that it will ever work.   Its pious hope. When someone comes  to write teh history of the colaition the NHB will be seen as one fo the greatest failures.

What is the purpose of NHB, incentive or grant aid for growth.  It was launched as incentive. If it is now being justified as grant aid just add an element to teh gneral needs formula based on housing need or past growth.

Brandon Lewis what a lair, even more blatant than Grant Shapps, at least Shapps just selectively misquots  statistics, Lewis just outright lies.

“Councils have received more than £3 billion for their part in getting Britain building, and as a result housing construction has reached its highest level for 7 years.

What evidence does he have that this is ‘as a result’, one whatsover, as opposed to the housing shortage and house price boom


One thought on “Government Review Finds 3 Billion spent on New Homes Bonus for ‘Limited Impact’ Yet Brandon Lewis Lies and Says its Working

  1. I think the Regional Assemblies as whole network only cost about £17 million a year – seems better value than NHB to me.

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