CIL Exemption at Heart of Gov 20% off for 1st Time Buyers Scheme


At the heart of the Starter Homes initiative is a change to the planning system. This will allow house builders to develop under-used or unviable brownfield land and free them from planning costs and levies. In return, they will be able to offer homes at a minimum 20% discount exclusively to first time buyers, under the age of forty. Currently, builders can face an average bill of £15,000 per home in Section 106 affordable housing contributions and tariffs, often adding tens of thousands to the cost of a site. Under the proposals, developers offering Starter Homes would be exempt from those Section 106 charges and Community Infrastructure Levy charges. The homes could then not be re-sold at market value for a fixed period – making sure that the savings are passed onto homebuyers.

Why only brownfield sites, I can only assume it is to cause a temporary bump in brownfield completions so that the government can say it is developing greenfield first when of coyuse trhe same amount of greenfield will be developed later.

The stupidest part of the scheme is appointing Roger Scruton and Create Streets as a design assessors for new Homes under the scheme – in other words a deliberate new Tory aesthetic for housing.

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