Brum to Dispose of 33 Playing Fields (and down to one conservation officer)


Unattached School Playing Fields
Birmingham has 33 unattached education playing fields, intended to provide external play and sports provision for schools lacking their
own playing fields and outdoor facilities. Some of these are used by schools and the community for formal sports activity, e.g. football and some are used as public open space rather than for formal activity.
Where playing fields are used for sporting activity (e.g. football), and there is interest froma local organisation, we are proposing to transfer the site on a lease arrangement. Where there is no interest from local organisations to take on a site the options for disposal or reducing maintenance costs will be considered.

And despite having only one conservation officer (two posts vacant and being advertised) it is clear hose two posts wont be filled as 62% cuts are proposed.

PD 2 – City Design and Conservation
We are proposing to change the service provided by:
• reducing the number of specialist roles;
• limiting the amount of design and conservation advice we provide;
• passing on the responsibility to pay for specialist advice to the applicant where possible; and
• stopping the support we currently provide for conservation area designation.

Amongst other proposals are decommissioning of 20 soccer pitches and to stop of maintenance of bowling greens


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