Treasury Stupid Timidity over Garden City ‘Feasibility Study’

One imagines how history would have been rewritten if instead of learning from 150 years of history and international examples and taking bold leadership things had been done the Treasury Way.

Napoleon lay down his map – ‘England is a maritime power, it gains its strength from Empire, from India, my plan is to invade Eygpt and then march overland across Persia to India, in a strike coordinated with my New Ally the Czar, surpassing even Alexander the Great, the British will exhaust themselves and leave their coast undefended by the royal Navy.  What do you think my treasury secondee?

‘Well I see two problems, I think we should conduct a feasibility study about your plan to take along 150 Eygyptolists, they are very hard to recruit’

‘Of Course I just invented Eygptology, and the second?’

‘Well it will be very expensive.’

‘If I triumph the spoils of Empire will pay for it.’

Deng Xiaoping gathered his advisors around him. ‘In order to catch up with the west we need rapid economic growth of 7+% a year, which can only be done with rapid urbanisation.  We know though from South America that if left to the market this produces slums and squalor and discontent and eventually growth slows.  From my studying of Singapore and Hong Kong however I have learned that this can be avoided through their application of the British invention’public sector housing’ if the state own the land then rents can be kept low and growth can continue.

My Treasury Secondee – your advice?’

‘Well I can see a few problems – you should conduct a feasibility study into whether or not it could be privatized’.

‘Then all the gains in wages will go to the landowners and not be saved to finace investment.’

‘Take this idiot to a very dark place’.

Noah was laying the last of his struts to his ark.

‘In a few days the flood will begin, we shall take the chosen few virtuous and sail for 40 days and 40 nights.’

‘Myu Treasury secondee how are things going with the animals?’

‘Well you know we should conduct a feasility study?’

‘This hasn’t been tried before and the prject has been hard to finance, its hard to convince the banks that the world will flood and they are all going to die. Perhaps we should try a few mini arcs as pilots first.’

‘Then we will die watching its sail away and so will the animals.’

‘Yes but do we really need Aardvarks, my NPV calculations show a negative rate of return?’


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