The Other Planning Reforms Announced Today – Continental Style Zoning

Page 127 of the National Infrastructure Plan 2014

Building on this progress, the government will take further measures to speed up the en dto-end
planning process, including:
• taking forward measures to ensure that the principle of development need only be established once, to give greater certainty and allow locally-supported development to proceed more quickly
• taking steps to speed up section 106 negotiations, including revised guidance, consulting on a faster process for reaching agreement, and considering how timescales for agreement could be introduced, and improving transparency on the use of section 106 funds
• keeping the speed of decisions on major applications under review, with the minimum performance threshold increasing to 50% of major decisions on time as performance continues to improve

The first is most radical.  It must being going beyond outline consents towards a system whereby once land is allocated in a local plan it is granted outline consent.  We have been saying on this site for many months that we are gradually moving towards the swifter delivering continental zoning and subdivision system.  This will be the most genuine and major planning reform since 1948 (excluding the massive retrograde moving the deckchairs of the NPPF).


2 thoughts on “The Other Planning Reforms Announced Today – Continental Style Zoning

  1. From what I’ve read, zoning and sub-division of areas is supposed to give a much more stable housing market. This of course assumes that you’ve already allocated enough land, 5 year+ housing land supply, regularly topped up, based on continuously updated HNA.
    What isn’t clear is, if the Germans have got such a superior system, why have their houses always so incredibly expensive? Is this the fault of the German people not been able to access housing finance easily? – no building societies in Germany. The Germans have also lifetime mortgages, allowing it to be passed on to the next generation. Has this encouraged seelers to inflate their prices, in the knowledge that ppl will be able to pay it, even if it takes 50 years?
    Admittedly, most of the German houses I vistied or stayed in, were far superior in build quality, had family friendly room sizes and adequate internal and external storage. Equally impressive, was the use of conduits to carry cabling and pipe work, making maintenance and upgrading much easier.
    Is it the combination of high prices, difficult financing and the post WWII fatalism of the Germany people during the Cold War period that depressed their birth rate and caused the vast majority to live in private rented housing?

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