No Brandon Lewis You are not Minister for Great Yarmouth

Im wondering if Brandon Lewis is the worst and/or dullest minister for housing and/or planning ever to grace that post.

One looks in vane for his insiteful speeches, interviews and grand policy announcements.   If there was a book of the wit and wisdom  of Brandon Lewis it would be blank.  All he ever says could have either come from a SPAD, or from a backbench backwater MP, in his case all he ever seems to tweet about is hyperlocal events in Great Yarmouth.  Indeed he seems to find the post dull – as he says in the Great Yarmouth Mercury

Some might believe that being Minister for Housing is a rather mundane job.Something dominated by chart upon chart of complicated statistics and photo calls with unsuspecting new homeowners, to celebrate the latest milestone in house building.

They are complicated because they are so unrelentingly bad. No minister will have achieved so few adopted plans, so little allocated land, so few build houses, and so few social houses, or so much housing benefit.

Of course we al know he only got the job as Eric’s placeman.  Perhaps his instruction was to get planning out of the papers – the Minister for doing nothing.



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